Outdoor Rabbit & Bunny Hutches Australia

Give your bunny a hutch or enclosure that are safe, roomy and comfortable. Unlike typical wire or plastic rabbit cages, a hutch offers separate play and sleeping areas – often in multiple levels. We offer outdoor rabbit hutches that are made of wood and feature a slanted roof, side panels and a weatherproofed finish to protect against rain and wind.

Although rabbit hutches are made with bunnies in mind, you can house large adult guinea pigs, ferrets and other small animals in most structures. Larger coops can house multiple pets. Look for playpens, rabbit runs and other add-ons to make their hutch into a pet paradise. With beautiful, functional wood and easy-to-clean metal options in a wide range of sizes, we make it easy to find a hutch that’s perfect for them as well as your home or yard.

Australian Bunny Hutches Shipping Information

At Bunny Hutches Australia, we ship your order to all locations within Australia. However please allow additional delivery time for some regional areas. You will receive an email to advise when your order has shipped.

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